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To me, the value and integrity of information is only about as good as its source.

boxcIt seems important to know more about who is writing what you are reading.

I have a tri-cultural heritage which spans from South Asia to Northern Europe to Midwest USA.

Due to my ethnically diverse background, some people tend have a hard time placing me (although this is changing as diversity excels in a globalizing world). In some cases this has resulted in me being put into favorable as well as less favorable situations.

When it comes to my appearance and behavior, most people believe that I am either Israeli, Turkish, Italian, Spanish or from Afghanistan. In particular, the Turks and the Spanish tend to become annoyed when I do not speak their native language. They will accuse me of not honoring my mother tongue.

I believe that everyone has something to offer, some talent. And, I am typically interested in finding it, adding it to my own. Understanding yourself allows you to understand others better. Listening to others is an important part of that.

To me, good leaders are also good followers. Most of the time it is important to follow. But at times it is also necessary to lead. I believe that true intelligence fosters an enhanced understanding of responsibility and awareness.

My first passion is in the “process” of creating something new. Up until the age of about 18 I did something close to nothing at school except for sports, drawing and painting. I excelled in any art class or activity relating to it. This was not because I was so technically inclined, nor was it because I was so artistic. I would simply review the ideas of others and consolidate them. Let them inspire my own imagination. Gain a better idea of what I want to express and use that to create something entirely new.

My higher education is in technology and business and I have been affiliated with some prestigious organizations. My technological interest is in reflecting nature in order to better understand the world around me and myself. In my view, as a species distinguished as tool-makers, there is something very natural about technology. A means create, a means to reflect.

The business part is to determine how best to successfully convert my ideas into practice in an eco-system consisting of other people trying to achieve the same.

This blog is tagged by the name sinistersane. More about this can be found here and here.


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  1. Andrew says:

    that is a beautiful self appraisal – thank you for sharing it !

  2. Raymond says:

    pls contact me ! I’m very interest to learn about your project phone scope 3d ! I may have other use of your development ! If you could send me your phone no I could call from Hong Kong regard

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“Hey…Is that Real or 3D Printed?”
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“Science is the search for That what Already Exists while Technology is the Creation of That what has not Existed Before”
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“Don’t let perfectionism make you wait on something that isn't available to test your idea. Instead, be purely creative with what is available and make your idea happen now”
B.J. Rao
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“globalization is the merging of economies”
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