P. T. Barnum

P. T. Barnum

There is a sucker born every minute”

This is a phrase that is attributed to the marketing genius P. T. Barnum.

Actually he never said this…

He said;

“There is a customer born every minute”

Marketing seems to imply many things but basically its nothing more than communication. Marketing=Communication. More specifically, is your communication, your message reaching those that it was intended for?

P. T. Barnum applied new strategies and promotional tactics towards getting his message across to the people that needed to hear it. His tactics are still applied to today and in a very big way. I could even state that the test driving of cars to trial software to Opensource projects and initiatives can be attributed to his inspiration and ideas. That’s difficult to swallow knowing that he lived more than a 150 years ago. But if you trace back far enough it will become apparent that the applied tactics show great correlation.

P. T. Barnum’s marketing tactics leaned much more towards subscribing to the “curiosity” that people inherently have rather than manipulating their ignorance. His messages inspired and thrilled people. It grabbed their attention and they wanted more. He provided that to the satisfaction of many.

He gave them “Added-Value”.

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