Thomas A. Edison

Thomas A. Edison

“1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”

A quote by Thomas. A. Edison which implies that a good idea is only a fraction of the process towards creating a successful product or solution.

A very important American inventor from around the turn of the previous century. At times, he is considered, by some, to be the predecessor of Steve Jobs but, to me, Edison, is a one and only. And, can not be confused with anyone.

Still, I have to admit, apart from technology, what Jobs and Edison may have had in common was the understanding of the process of converting great ideas into practice by getting the best people together to build something truly remarkable. But, most importantly, they formed the correct perception onto others.

At best, Edison knew technology and was good at it. But his true aptitude was in understanding its commercial value, getting the message across, building perception as well as teams of people to get the job done. This was his inventiveness. Today we see his legacy in businesses and cooperation’s as the R&D department with a healthy connection to the marketing department.

Edison was a crude, shrude and cunning person that got the job done. He understood people. More importantly, he understood their needs and their ignorance.

He is an all time hero for me although I expect that I would not have liked him very much if I had known him personally.