Blog Focus

Blog Focus

What is the Focus of this blog?

Most all blog hosting sites will explain to you that a blog which sets focus on a particular topic has the best chance of capturing a wide audience. I agree. And, if that is what you want then it’s probably the best way to go.

If the topics to choose from were like a basket of fruit (or a box of chocolates in F. Gump terms) then this blog writes about the basket of fruit as well as the surface that the basket rests on and the room that it’s in. You might not know what you get.

Pinning myself down to particular subject to gain a particular audience is not my reasoning nor incentive to building a blog. There are other activities that I have which already have sharp focus.

Hence, based on common logic, its unlikely that this blog will ever achieve mainstream success.

What is the Incentive? What is its Value? 

This blog relates to self-reflection first. A semi public diary or notebook which consolidates a part of who I am. It deals with topics that regard things that people were afraid to ask me or forgot to ask me or just on my mind.

While I can’t pin down a particular topic I can say that the subject matter does have some cohesion and will, for the most part, pertain to:

Beliefs, Perceptions and Observations on Business & Philosophy, Culture & Technology and Projects & Passions

Within these posts, pages and articles you will find that many of the topics and subject manner cross into one another. I find that the more I understand various subjects the more I find myself consolidating them as being about the same.