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What does Business have to do with Philosophy?

Business is typically related to some endeavour or purposeful activity in converting certain limited resources within a limited time into some type of commercial and or organizational solution. “Getting the job done”. But getting the job done requires decision-making. Many of the decisions can have significant and critical impact on business performance as well as the environment in which it works.

Life itself is not that different. You have limited time and resources to achieve certain things in life. As such you usually have taken on certain codes, principles and wisdom about how you approach life. Business is not that different.

Any business is confronted with many typically acute and pragmatic issues that must be solved. Some can be very complex. Adapting a philosophy, a business philosophy can aid in answering important questions about where you need to take your business, what to do and by what means.

Culture & Technology?

Our distinction from other species on the planet is that we as humans are the best tool-makers around. To me, technology is something natural. Its our creation, which is based, in part, on the reflection of beliefs, perceptions and observations about our natural world. The technology that we create relates strongly to our culture. Its part of our problem-solving techniques as tool-makers.

Projects & Passions?

There’s a motivation behind all that you do. In some cases it’s a passion. A passion that you want to put into practice, typically in the form of a project. A project has a certain beginning and a certain end. In its realization it forms a step forward in the expression of our achievement, understanding and our passion.

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“Don’t Worry Be Crappy”
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B.J. Rao
“globalization is the merging of economies”
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“Science is the search for That what Already Exists while Technology is the Creation of That what has not Existed Before”
Author: Unknown
“While the process of globalization may be considered the merging of economies, capitalism is largely based on the exploitation of the differences between economies”
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“Don’t let perfectionism make you wait on something that isn't available to test your idea. Instead, be purely creative with what is available and make your idea happen now”
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B.J. Rao
“Real Artists Ship”
Steve Jobs
“Hey…Is that Real or 3D Printed?”
B.J. Rao
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B.J. Rao
"3 Worlds now exist; The real world as we know it, the world of our imagination and the world that we have created within our computers. While each world offers near endless possibilities their limitation resides in the ability to efficiently and effectively interact"
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Albert Einstein
"The secret to intercultural communication is understanding yourself, culturally, first"
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