Why Blog?

Left Handed

“If there was some thing that many great people throughout recent history had in common…

it would probably be that they wrote their ideas down.

Nothing is as fast as thought itself”

The emphasis here is not to become great in the popular sense. While that may be a desire for many and a result for some few, the real emphasis and significance here is self-reflection towards self-understanding.

The means to reflect on one self. Reflect on emotions, feelings, thoughts and ideas. Refining and structuring them towards gaining a better sense of direction. A direction about where you came from. About who you are and where you want to go. To become great or at least exceed and succeed at anything that you do.

Developing your Kung-Fu.

Traditionally a diary, log or something like it would be the means to do this. A blog can be something similar yet more public. You could get noticed by others. ”I was here”. Within that mechanism a blog adds something immortal to your mortality. Your own private legacy made public.

You might just be remembered.