Why Read Blogs?

Swimming Pool

“The integrity and value of information is only about as good as the integrity and value of the source of that information”

Bloggers create a pool of many sources. This does not mean that the information presented is better. But, ideally, it adds value in the diversity of presented information (yes, it also leads to information pollution). Still, this is a healthy enterprise.

A certain topic may have many interpretations. Blogs offer views from many sources which can pin down what is being said in many ways. Plurality rather than singularity. The result is an interactive and pseudo-collective process of examination as opposed to a one way street formed by the fixed word in a traditional published writing. If you speak more than one language then the merit of this mechanism will be clearly obvious.

“Truth is typically a plurality. It is only briefly satisfied by a single punch-line.”

To me personally, I enjoy the plurality of interpretation and welcome opposition towards getting down to the heart of the topic matter. People like Gene Roddenberry demonstrated the importance of this in recent times in his Star Trek series.

“What words mean, how they are used and what they imply are 3 different things”

Like culture, language is not something static. It’s not a constant. Zoom out the timeline and it will become clear. And, while language is a tool that we have agreed upon about meaning, writing and pronunciation, it’s in perpetual development.

This not only relates to the adding of new words like “internet”, “blogging” and “email” but the replacement as well as expansion of how words are applied and in what context and way. Interpretation, like the laws of science requires constant examination, revision and testing in order to offer the best possible understanding and solution.

Why is this important?

Language represents the tools of the mind.

What separates us from the rest of the species on the planet is that we are the very best “Tool-Makers” around. But things change. Tools need to be refined and even replaced. Just like the word-processor replaced the typewriter. And, like any tool, language is never 100% efficient.

A blog provides one of many means to stay in step with change. The incentive is that messages, ideas and knowledge can continue to carry their meaning as well as inspire new things to be built onto what we already know to be true.

Photo: Attribution: Rufino Uribe