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Left Handed

The Left Handed

sinistersane is a graffiti tag that I used in the early 80’s. It’s now used here to tag the content of this blog. More information about that can be found in a previous post here.

While this blog may deal with beliefs, perceptions and observations its tag and content has very little to do with anything particularly political or religious. And, certainly nothing to do with evil.

In Latin languages you will find that sinister means left which typically implies something evil. Being left-handed suggests that we inherently have some wrong as opposed to right.

But it also has been said that we have some extra level of creativity. A romantic idea that may actually have some truth.

But, for the most part, because we, as left-handed, must adjust to a right-handed world.

We “need” to be creative. Creativity is compulsory.

Within that process we may see, think and do things a bit differently. Right or wrong, we are, in any case, at the very least, in our Right mind.



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