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sinistersane is a graffiti tag that I used in the early 80’s. It’s now used here to tag the content of this blog. More information about that can be found in a previous post here.

While this blog may deal with beliefs, perceptions and observations its tag and content has very little to do with anything particularly political or religious. And, certainly nothing to do with evil.

In Latin languages you will find that sinister means left which typically implies something evil. Being left-handed suggests that we inherently have some wrong as opposed to right.

But it also has been said that we have some extra level of creativity. A romantic idea that may actually have some truth.

But, for the most part, because we, as left-handed, must adjust to a right-handed world.

We “need” to be creative. Creativity is compulsory.

Within that process we may see, think and do things a bit differently. Right or wrong, we are, in any case, at the very least, in our Right mind.



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“Science is the search for That what Already Exists while Technology is the Creation of That what has not Existed Before”
Author: Unknown
“While the process of globalization may be considered the merging of economies, capitalism is largely based on the exploitation of the differences between economies”
B.J. Rao
“The Truth of the Matter is that Nobody is interested in the Truth. We are interested in Satisfaction. And, that is the Truth… But some of us may be more critical than others”
B.J. Rao
“Hey…Is that Real or 3D Printed?”
B.J. Rao
“It’s not the artist alone that create great products. It’s the process of interaction between the artist and users which typically does”
B.J. Rao
"The secret to intercultural communication is understanding yourself, culturally, first"
B.J. Rao
“globalization is the merging of economies”
Author: Unknown
“Real Artists Ship”
Steve Jobs
“Don’t let perfectionism make you wait on something that isn't available to test your idea. Instead, be purely creative with what is available and make your idea happen now”
B.J. Rao
"Make Thing Simple. And, Not more Simple Than That"
Albert Einstein
“Don’t Worry Be Crappy”
Guy Kawasaki
"3 Worlds now exist; The real world as we know it, the world of our imagination and the world that we have created within our computers. While each world offers near endless possibilities their limitation resides in the ability to efficiently and effectively interact"
B.J. Rao
“Listening is Perceiving, Seeing is Believing but Touching is Experiencing”
B.J. Rao