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Does your technology work? Will your technology be used? Will it sell?

Its been said that;

“Science is the search for That what Already Exists while Technology is the Creation of  That what has not Existed Before”

Technology would seem to be the result of our interpretation of our environment. It is the process of reflection of this knowledge to create something new. There is clearly something natural about technology. But how does technology fit into things exactly, our culture, our society and what makes successful technology?

Someone once asked;

“Does Technology Influence Our Society/Culture or is it the other way around?”

The answer?. It’s a false question as both technology and culture form an interactive system. For those who are technically inclined, understanding the deeper meaning of this may prove more difficult than initially anticipated.

Reflecting our knowledge of nature towards the creation of something new yields a certain truth. Our knowledge has been converted into something that “works”, this forms certain truth about what we have observed, perceived and believed. I agree. But this truth is by no means absolute.

Those that create technology can run into great disappointment when they try to commercialize it. This happens when, despite the truth of the created technology and obvious merit towards providing solution to a problem, it, yet, does not succeed to be applied. It gets more frustrating when an inferior technology “is” being wide-spread applied.

It’s not technology that gets things done, its people who do that. Applied technology serves only as a tool. It’s a facilitator and that is its actual truth.

To understand this more clearly we can rank up technology and find its place in a natural order of things. These things relate to people, culture and society. The rank up consists of the such things as the technology’s economic value, how good do people consider it to be, who is using it already and on what science it is based on. These truths need to be addressed before we can determine if a particular technology actually works or not. The rank up of truths involves the following:

Economics deals with what we believe to be true.

Politics deals with what we perceive to be true.

Science deals with what we have observed to be true.

Technology deals with what we have proven to be true. [B.J. Rao]

Again, technology is a facilitator within this.  It facilitates and consolidates these truths in which solutions and products are formed. The above elements will need to be addressed when determining if a new technology will be successful or not and in what manner.

While the rank up, almost always, remains in the same order, the intensity of each can differ greatly among different societies and cultures and times.

For instance, after the collapse of the USSR a flux of technologies came into the western world. What became clear was how these differed from western type technology. In many cases it was clear that Politics had a much more intense aspect to the development of certain technology than its higher positioned Economics ranking. Otherwise stated, economics seemed to be less of a concern. The result was some amazing technologies which would not have found the development nurturing elsewhere in the western world. An example is some of the important developments made in Pulse Detonation Combustion.

Another example is the “War of the Currents” between Tesla an Edison. Edison’s propaganda machine, mangled with inconclusive science, attempted to create a perception that Tesla’s electricity (AC) was wrong and dangerous. It went as far as introducing the electric chair using Tesla’s electricity (AC) to build negative perception among others. Edison knew that his own electricity(DC) was inferior to that of Tesla but that a tremendous amount of money by would be made if DC was adapted. Eventually Tesla’s system won, but at great cost to himself.


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