Gaining a Monopoly on Good Ideas



“Look – another “Guy Kawasaki” post that isn’t really his thinking or words at all”

That was the response that Mr. Guy Kawasaki received as a comment on one of his recent articles. Mr. Kawasaki responded with a very proper and important answer:

“Sorry, I don’t have a monopoly on good ideas.:-)”

The internet provides us with an abundance of information. That’s obvious. But even an abundance of information has little value without the people to give it added-meaning, added-value.

There are libraries of information on how to start and run a business. But what to focus on, what to use? What applies to your situation?

“Its all been said before but its important to know who is talking about it now”

To me, the integrity and value of information is only about as good as the source of that information. Mr. Kawasaki may not be saying anything new in his articles. But why should that matter. That’s not really relevant. What is relevant is who he is, what his experiences are and what he is saying. This gives the information that he is providing certain meaning and value. Its your responsibility to decide if that value relates to what you are trying to accomplish.

So how does this all relate to “Gaining a Monopoly on Good Ideas”? I am stretching things a bit here and asking the question how can we Gain a Monopoly on Good Ideas?

Is that even possible?

Probably one of the most important things that Mr. Kawasaki has said (and, yes, others have said and implied the same) is that its important that you pull in people into your business who are smarter than yourself. These are the people who can add that extra value to your business in ways that you would not be able to discover yourself.

I strongly agree. But there may be more to be said here…

To me, we all have certain talent. But some have the unique talent to clearly identify and bring forward the talent of others. More importantly, these people are also able to motivate others in other ways than with sticks or carrots.

Gaining a monopoly on good ideas? That’s probably not possible. At least not in the absolute sense. But its these people who can best approach building such a setting. A setting that consolidates the talents of people smarter than they are. A setting that resembles a monopoly on generating good ideas.

“What makes us the same can make us work best as a team. But what makes us different can add the greatest levels of innovation and solution” [B.J. Rao]


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