iPhone 3D Surface Scan of a Penny

Vision technologies have always intrigued me.

The ability to see and observe more than you thought was there.

It’s not surprising that inventions such as the microscope, telescope and camera had such a profound impact on science, technology and society.

Together with my brother and a good friend we are building an add-on for the iPhone. Its a iPhone 3D surface scanner. It enables you to magnify your camera view as well as capture it as a 3D surface scan. No, not the 3D with glasses thingy. 3D as in an actual 3D geometry capture.

The iPhone 3D surface scanner is a special macro lens add-on which also includes an extra module to make 3D surface scans. We have been developing the tech for some time now. The technology development process has been something like taking a box of apples and condensing them into something smaller than an apple.

Only recently have we started capturing some of our first scans (as seen above) with this popular mobile device. Its Abe taken from a penny. The photo on the right is the magnified captured picture. The photo on the left is that of the iPhone 3D scan rendering of the penny’s surface. The detail is simply astounding. Even the micro scratches on the surface of the coin are picked up by the scan.

Mobile devices such as the iPhone are not just things that fit in your pocket. They are the means to interface your world, your environment, your experiences with yourself and others. And, while there are now hundreds of thousands of apps for devices such as these the next frontier is actually adding hardware to them. Hardware that allows you to do more as well as personalize the way that you work and do things with these devices.

Expanding the hardware capabilities of mobile devices is like adding more to your tool belt or purse. But its now more easy to carry them around.


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