iPhone PhoneScope 3D Project


The iPhone PhoneScope 3D project is an add-on module which allows you to magnify the iPhone’s camera view. You can capture the magnified scene as a photo as well as a 3D surface scan.

The project was accepted on the popular crow-funding site KickStarter.com which will be hosting it within the next coming weeks (late 2012).

A lot has been accomplished but there is still a lot to do. In the mean time here are some of the things that have been captured with this device thus far.

Insight PhoneScope 3D from Singularity on Vimeo.




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9 comments on “iPhone PhoneScope 3D Project
  1. CMS says:

    This looks awesome. Such a good idea!!!

  2. B. J. Rao says:

    Hi CMS,
    Thanks for your comment. Appreciated.
    We have been working hard to provoke an inspired response. Stayed tuned for project updates as we reach the final development stage.

  3. Cliff S says:

    Expanding todays technology which is used by a huge majority of people around the world. Stuning idea, would buy if it was available in stores. Keep up the good work.

  4. Andrew says:

    Hi B. J – great stuff ! I’m currently investigating all methods of implementing a [cost effective] whole body capture system for 3d people printing. DIY photogrammetry solutions are stunning [comparable to professional house results] but too expensive [between 50 / 100 DSLR’s are needed]. Other – using simultaneous multiple Kinects/Xtion/kscan3d capture: (i) ir interference at overlap points create large wholes in the point cloud and scan stitching software problems (ii) resolution is too low for quality model production. So – is your solution a structured light solution [similar to Kinect] and therefore liable to similar interference if multiple simultaneous capture occured ? have you any plans to implement scan “stitching” software [similar to kscan3d]. Time [subject movement] is of the essence – I have ruled out various other hand scanner [Creaform/Artec etc] techniques [including reconstructMe]. Thanks for any insight(s) ! [ps i’d love to see PhoneScope for android !!]

    • B. J. Rao says:

      Hi Andrew,
      Thanks for your comments! I know exactly what you want. But here is the situation: The great thing about Kinect type technologies is that these are building “awareness”. Otherwise stated; the value and possibilities that these technologies offer is now finally becoming more apparent to a wider audience. Including investors. What this all means is that you can expect development to progress much more rapidly now. Stitching algorithms, for instance, will improve.
      Our focus, however, when it comes to things like the kinect/xtion, is developing additional core technologies to significantly improve on their scanning performance/accuracy. The big problem here has been finding investors to support these developments. Imagine trying to introduce ultra low cost 3D printing 9 years ago. It’s obvious now, But back then it was near impossible to capture the attention of investors to support such a development. That’s all (slowly) changing now.
      The PhoneScope technology is a special photo-metric stereo technology that we have developed. It creates a high res depth impression of a surface within a small work volume. We would like to take this technology to the next level. Something that will offer serious competition to structured light systems. But again, that means building awareness, a community (like you) and investors to support such developments. We are working on it!
      Note:apart from the kinect type technologies, keep an eye on the Lytro.

  5. Andrew says:

    ps – when i say android i mean something like mk802 !

    • B. J. Rao says:

      The mk802 is a seriously interesting device. To be clear the PhoneScope technology is not limited to the iPhone. The technology can also be applied to an android device. We selected the iPhone as a “starting point” to introduce this technology for mobile devices. This was due to the iPhone’s consistent design and high quality camera.

  6. James says:

    Hello B. J. Rao,
    Has the 3D photoscope shipped product at present? If so where can I purchase the device? If not when and where will be the point of purchase?
    Thank you,

  7. Jim says:

    Please, if you’re still around, continue this project. I would snap one up in a heart beat.and just imagine how use full this would be for fixing old jewlery and watches. Click, and 3d print the replacement part.