Mimix 3D Profile Scanner

mimix 3D Profile Scanner Personal for Windows

mimix 3D Profile Scanner Personal allows you to make 3D impressions using your webcam and PC monitor screen. Capture 3D impressions of people and objects, re-light the scene and even 3D print your scans.

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mimix was an experiment, nothing more…

How does mimix 3D work?

mimix 3D Profile Scanner Personal uses your computer screen to project a set of 4 black and white patterns while your camera captures the images of your face in front of the screen. The images are then processed to reveal a 3D impression. Using a good webcam and under proper lighting conditions mimix 3D can capture scenes and objects with incredible detail recovery.

What do I need to use mimix 3D?

Most recent mid range PC’s, at least 2GB of system memory and most importantly an OpenGL supported graphics card (ATI or nVidia Only!) will work well. You will notice that I mention ATI or nVidia graphics cards only. That means NO intel graphics cards. I have nothing against intel graphics cards except when I need to use them. A Gaming PC is typically the best choice. A good webcam with decent optics and a wide screen are also important. The brighter and bigger the screen the better. You may need to adjust your screens brightness/contrast to get the best scans. Exposure and Focus settings will need to be set to Manual for your webcam. The scan results shown on this page were made using a 22 inch screen and a high quality HD webcam. And, yes..you may need to practice a bit to get the best scans.

What is mimix 3D used for?

Thatś up to you. You can make some unique impressions using mimix. This may be for fun. At the same time the results provide visual insight in a new way which in some cases may reveal more than the naked eye can see. mimix was an experiment, nothing more… Mmix was first released back in 2011 after developing an improved image processing algorithm for high-end 3D scanning applications.

The Tech

A 3D “Profile” Scan? It’s not a 3D scanner in the conventional sense. It’s very important to mention that this technology can not distinguish absolute depth. It does not understand it. However, it is able to make a good assumption about the relative depth of an object provided that the object surface has a sufficient degree of uniformity. But its true merit is in the Level Of Detail it captures, which is absolutely astounding. What this all means is that if you scan your face with someone else next to you but farther away mimix won’t be able to distinguish the difference in-depth position between your faces. But it will capture the shape of your faces and probably even the pores in your skin!