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Military personnel will follow the same guidelines but a sign-off is optional. They may also choose to repeat their rank, position, and commanding unit, although it’s not necessary if this information was presented at the top of the letter. A letter of recommendation could come from a teacher/professor, an employer, a coach, a mentor, a religious leader, or anyone that can speak to the applicant’s character. When selecting a writer for a military letter of recommendation, keep in mind that extra weight is given to recommenders who are high ranking officers.

The pitch should include your main argument and why your experience makes you well-suited to address the topic in question. Please also feel free to tell us your publication record, but we make our assessments based on what you’ve done, not where you’ve written. Wait to hear back from us before you go on to submit a full article. No matter who responds to your pitch, always keep cc’d.

An even higher-return activity for the budding writer is to consider writing an article for publication, such as Proceedings. It would be difficult to overestimate what an important career differentiator it is to be published. Many people have extraordinary ideas, but they often go without notice until publication. Society looks to the media as an arbiter of the value of ideas and people, and there are few easier ways than writing for a publication to catapult you from being a participant to a leader.

We generally do not publish book reviews, but we welcome articles or podcasts that bring new attention or focus to older (30+ years) works as part of our Dusty Shelves series. Please formally withdraw submissions to other publications before submitting them to WAR ROOM. Also ensure that your submission is substantially different from other work that you have published before. We do not accept unsolicited book reviews, but if you are interested in reviewing Army-related books, let us know and describe your areas of interest or expertise.

Bringing together the military spouse community through stories. You are encouraged to quote, republish, or share any Blog Brigade content on your own blog, website, or other communication/publication. If you do so, please credit The Blog Brigade and/or the person who authored the content as a courtesy. Your letters don’t have to be long, just write from the heart.


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It’s responsible for aerial military operations, defending U.S. air bases, and building landing strips. The reserve components are Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve. Once you know which branch you’re considering, contact a recruiter. A recruiter will give you an overview and answer your questions about that service. If you’re interested in more than one branch, contact a recruiter for each.

Join us as we video interview members of the military community. Get your company involved in giving back to the military and veteran community! Engaging events, large and small, will inspire your team to give back. Our Veteran Support Program assists veterans through a variety of different programs, including providing assistance at VA Hospitals across the country. Soldiers’ Angels provides support to our wounded, ill and injured service members through two unique programs. A drop-off location is a local business that has offered to act as a collection site for letters.

The oldest branch in the Army, Infantry is home to some of the most decorated units to ever enter combat. But as warfare has evolved, so has the role of Infantry. Please submit completed articles as a Word document rather than a PDF.

Prior to deployment, service members will receive their orders, and “normal life” can change rapidly. Mission-specific briefings and training will begin, medical evaluations may take place and, of course, family members and friends will learn about the imminent move. For these reasons, the time leading up to a deployment can be stressful. Check Sandboxx’s pricing page for more info, and to see all the benefits it provides compared to traditional mail when you’re considering a military pen pal service. Every letter includes tracking, so you’ll know when your message arrives. And they can reply using the included custom stationery and return envelope.

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