He is survived by his wife, Barbara; a daughter; a son and daughter-in-law; three granddaughters; and a number of other nieces and nephews. Phyllis Clarke Perrin ’54, of New London, Conn.; Apr. three rude question following unsolicited idea. After faculty, she lived in New York, the place she served on the junior council of the Museum of Modern Art.

She married GEORGE WILLIAM HUPPER February 17, 1978, son of MONTFORD HUPPER and ROSE BARTER. He was born February 04, 1915 in St. George, Me., and died October 04, 1982 in Bangor, Me.. He married JUNE WOODWARD July 01, 1939 in Jonesport, Me., daughter of GEORGE WOODWARD and HATTIE RAMSDELL. She was born September 13, 1918 in Harrington, Me., and died March 28, 2009 in Bar Harbor, Me.. 156.HAZEL10 FAULKINGHAM (MERTA LOVISA9 BEAL, ELIHU ELLIS8, WILLIAM D.7, THOMAS R. W.6, JEREMIAH5, MANWARREN4, MANWARREN3, EDWARD2, ARTHUR1) was born May 08, 1905 in Jonesport, Me.. She married GEORGE WASHINGTON DOBBINS, son of JEREMIAH DOBBINS and GEORGIANNA HALL. 152.LUCY A.9 BUTLER (BESSIE R.8 SOMES, EDWARD P.7, DANIEL6, CLARISSA5 BEAL, EDWARD4, MANWARREN3, EDWARD2, ARTHUR1) was born 1905, and died 1972.

He is survived by his spouse, Lau Kwai Yu; a daughter; two sisters; and three brothers. Walter N. Kaufman ’49, of La Jolla, Calif.; Mar. 20. He graduated from Harvard Law School and was a authorized assistant to a member of the National Labor Relations Board.

After Brown, she acquired her master’s from Boston University, married, began a family, and worked as a social worker. Her commitment to social work spanned a long career, starting in Colorado at Denver’s Florence Crittenton Home for Unwed Mothers. Back in Rhode Island, she worked for the Traveler’s Aid Society of R.I. Before joining the Meeting Street School staff, turning into the director of the early intervention program and serving in that role for 20 years. In retirement she volunteered as a docent for RISD and she or he and her husband loved attending Brown’s Community for Learning in Retirement lessons, sailing, and touring.

81.ELIHU ELLIS8 BEAL (WILLIAM D.7, THOMAS R. W.6, JEREMIAH5, MANWARREN4, MANWARREN3, EDWARD2, ARTHUR1) was born January 28, 1835 in Jonesport, Me., and died April 17, 1938 in Beals Island. He married LUCINDA JANE BEAL September 09, 1877 in Jonesport, Me., daughter of BARNABAS BEAL and PHEBE STANWOOD. She was born April 26, 1862 in Beals Island, and died May 01, 1939 in Beals Island. seventy nine.SOPHRONIA JANE8 DOBBINS was born January 19, 1847 in Jonesport, Me., and died February 20, 1921. She married GEORGE P. LEIGHTON February eleven, 1871 in Addison, Me., son of JOHN LEIGHTON and EUNICE WRIGHT. He was born Abt. seventy six.JANE MORIAH8 ALLEY was born March 14, 1843 in Jonesport, Me., and died June 02, 1879 in Jonesport, Me..

131.LIZZIE OLIVE9 ALLEY was born June 18, 1892 in Jonesport, Me., and died April 16, 1980 in Ellsworth, Me.. She married THOMAS FRANK FAULKINGHAM, son of JOHN FAULKINGHAM and LUCY LOWELL. He was born November 16, 1890 in Beals Island, Me., and died November 22, 1973 in Ft. 129.GRETA MARJORIE9 BEAL (MAURICE LEROY8, FREEMAN B.7, AMMI BARNABAS6, JEREMIAH5, MANWARREN4, MANWARREN3, EDWARD2, ARTHUR1) was born October 10, 1897. She married CHARLES MERRILL LENFESTEY, son of ABRAHAM LENFESTEY and SYLVINA ALLEY. He was born April 17, 1894 in Jonesport, Me., and died April 1975 in Beals, Me.. 126.VELORA9 BEAL was born February 11, 1915 in Manset, Me., and died September 27, 2003 in Bar Harbor, Me.. She married RALPH FULTON ELLIS October 01, 1935 in Southwest Harbor, Me., son of RALPH ELLIS and GERTRUDE SPEIGHTS. He was born 1910, and died 1994.

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