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Your clients want to see that you have what it takes to create content that encourages readers to click through and make a purchase. You can draw in some additional business by giving yourself a title on your social media profiles. Add “video game writer” to your bio, and occasionally post that you’re looking for additional writing opportunities. If you see video game writing jobs with interesting titles, use those specific keywords to find the perfect video game writing job for your skillset. Once you’ve got a published link or video game work to share, add it to your digital portfolio.

Cultured Vultures is currently looking for gaming writers to come and join our burgeoning brood. From Fortnite to Pokémon and everything in-between, we have you covered with our gaming tips and guides. Some websites promise you X amount depending upon the number of page views that your articles receive, which is paid once you hit a ridiculous cap that takes months to hit. You’re then expected to spend hours marketing your own posts and driving traffic to their website. You don’t have to worry about promoting your content; we will take care of that for you and share it on all of our social channels .

Who knew my experience using Google Analytics and mastering SEO would land me a job in digital media. Engadget is a source for technology news and reviews. They cover the intersection of gaming, technology, and entertainment. According to payment reports, they pay up to $0.25 per word. What we do expect, however, is well-written, honest articles that you’re proud of.


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You should play them several times before you start writing to understand better how the game actually works. While you can do some research to help you create content, your audience can detect whether or not you’ve played the game. Publishes engaging stories based on video game artists, fans, and culture. They previously listed pay as $0.25 per word, but now state that they pay both on effort and word count. They now say “Our rates are competitive and designed to allow freelancers leeway to sink their teeth into stories, sometimes spending months pursuing particular interviews or background information. ” They imply that they’ll be willing to pay a significant sum for the right kind of article.

There’s a lot of buzz about gaming on social media. Companies need someone to create shareable content to help spread the word about their games. Since companies want their guides to rank well in search engines, you’ll want to have SEO experience in this position.

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