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The original version of this story was written by Bamidele Onibalusi. We updated the post so it’s more useful for our readers. Rates begin at $150 to $250 for short articles in the Journal section ; $150 for business shorts ; $500 for columns ; and $700 for features . They’re not interested in fiction, poetry or book reviews at this time. It will pay up to $500 for accepted pieces of no more than 6,000 words, and if you want to go the digital route, it will pay up to $250 for web-only pieces.

After approval of your article by the Admins, the amount will be added in your account/balance sheet which you can withdraw anytime as Easy Load / Easy Paisa / Jazz Cash / Bank Transfer etc. Link-Ableis a great way for high-quality authors to earn money publishing for a wide range of clients and industries. Link-Able matches writers who are able to publish on relevant sites with businesses looking to earn mentions, links and traffic to their sites.

Creating a proper website content is not just about loading your content with lots of irrelevant keywords; it’s about using the correct keyword at the correct time. Here at we do the same for you along the quality content that engages the reader throughout reading the content. On the business side, I’d say 90% of companies that could use a freelance writer are not advertising for one anywhere. We make our living going out and finding that hidden part of the iceberg of opportunity. Hi, Janet – I’m having our editor look into it. Keep in mind, though, that just because a publication doesn’t specifically say it hires freelancers doesn’t mean it’s hopeless.


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You can submit both shorter stories and features, which run about 2,500 words. The editors estimate a $500 payment for “a first feature from a new writer,” with the opportunity for higher earnings as your skills develop. It’s a freelance niche you don’t want to overlook. Census Bureau, there’s an estimated 54.1 million age 65 and older.And that’s pretty golden if you want to get paid to write about… This travel site pays up to $150 for articles about travel advice, experiences, and adventures to help and inspire others to see the world.

This site is dedicated to the sport of saltwater fishing and pays up to $300 for online features and $750 for print stories in their magazine. They’re one of the best sports writing jobs out there for freelancers. Are you looking for article writing websites so you can start earning money online? Freelance article writing gives you the opportunity to work from home. Jobs, where article writers can be earning money, are listed every day.

This is particularly important for seasonally-anchored stories. Payment is on a per article basis and will be paid via Paypal on the 1st of the month following the month it is posted. If your work gets published in my members only newsletter, you’ll get paid more money, but you will not be able to republish your article elsewhere. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to write interesting articles orcreate popular videosand make money while doing it, get in touch with them at for more details. If writing isn’t your thing, they are also planning to set up a larger video presence and are looking for talented filmmakers and YouTubers to produce high-quality content for the site. Several hundred articles are posted every single week from contributors, some of which you will see from time to time on Sky News, Metro Radio, BBC Radio, Dublin FM and in the national newspapers.

Who Pays Writers reports the average pay is 31 cents per word. Who Pays Writers reports 20 and 54 cents per word payments, which means, at the very least, you stand to make $600. Items generally range from 150 to 400 words, a one-page story could be 500 words max. The Sun pays $300 to $2,000 for fiction, essays and interviews, and $100 to $250 for poetry.

Learn why you need a ghostwriter to write your speech and how to find one on Freelancer. We give feedback to help you refine your skills and access to our blog that includes grammar tips, tutorials, and videos. Minimum 2.15 cents/wordYou can request a pay-out at any time during the week, as long as your Textbroker balance is $10 or more. Please see our Terms of Services for more information. Please note that as an independent contractor, you are responsible for any and all taxes on your income. OpenOrderDirectOrderTeamOrderOrder quality ratingChoose from thousands of orders based on your quality level.

Have you been looking at how to become a freelance writer by looking for sites that pay better rates? Learn how to make money writing by flexing your marketing muscles, and start pitching to earn $100 or more per assignment. Creativity, proficiency, accuracy and innovation is what employers are looking for in a professional article writer and that’s what we are offering them here. supplies article writers with thousands of projects, having clients from all over the world looking for having their job done professionally and settling for nothing but the best.

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