Relationship Advice: 15 Relationship Experts Teach Us About Love

In that, along with featuring a headshot and bio, we will provide links to all your social media channels. Respect is one of the most important characteristics of a healthy relationship. Once the chase is over, some people can forget about tending to their partner’s feelings and needs. In lasting, healthy relationships, partners value each other and take care with their words, actions, and behaviors. If you want to be with that person each day, make them feel that way. Likewise, you should receive this care from your partner day in and day out.


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Help them to feel that they are not alone, and if they are feeling heartbroken, someone new and exciting will come into their lives soon. We are happy to accept dating stories and advice as long as the articles are well written and adhere to our guidelines . Blogs that we select often contain encouragement, tips for overcoming specific issues, and Christian hope for those at a seeking level. We like blogs that have personal stories of struggles faced and overcoming those struggles.

If a feeling that something’s wrong persists or grows, chances are your choice is probably wrong. If you let mental images versus physical sensation guide you, you’ll never know what you really want. People think they’re in love for many reasons—lust, infatuation, desire for security, status, or social acceptance. They think they’ve found true love because the current prospect fulfills some image or expectation.

Give your readers answers to these questions and more. Do you feel like love is the right reason to get married? If not, then what are some reasons that people should look for before getting married?

Although you may include occasional links to research, the piece mainly highlights your story and draws out lessons that others can learn from it. It is important to include in your posts advice for aging couples and singles, we could all benefit from a little relationship advice at any age. Do you want to help people find true love by starting a blog about relationships? A relationship blog can help those who struggle by providing helpful tips and stories while also making money. We’re not always delighted by the discoveries we make about the person we love, but when it comes to emotions, it’s necessary to accept them all.

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