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Elevate Status & Credibility— Writing well-researched, in-depth posts on relevant blogs, over time can establish you as an expert in the eyes of your target audience. Ensure that you have the full rights to publish whatever you submit. We normally check all articles submitted to us for plagiarism. Therefore, if we detect that a guest post has been plagiarized, we won’t publish it. Provide up to 3 links of your most successful blog posts that is similar to what we are looking for and accepting, per the above guidelines.

We are not here to just farm out articles, but rather provide legitimate value to our readers. We also understand publishing may be part of building your brand or your marketing strategy, and we respect that. Several promotional features like hashtags show social media is essentially driven by content management and search engine optimization .

We all know how much pets love boxes, and so do the folks at Chewy. They encourage customers to post pictures of their pets in Chewy boxes (seriously — it says it right there on the box!), and Chewy shares them on its social media. Not only does this provide the Chewy social media team with endless new content, but it shows potential customers real photos of real customers and their cute pets. They provide content in the form of tips and tricks, listings, tutorials, and reviews that are well-researched. GSMM reserve the right to edit, update, publish and share your article on all GSMM websites and social media platforms. Another key benefit of social media marketing is the growth of user-generated content.

Originally popularized by Twitter, hashtags are now on multiple social networks. Always include a call-to-action in your caption. Encourage your audience to like, comment on, and share your photo. Learn how to get followers, build your audience, set goals, and measure success. What’s the difference between Instagram Live and IGTV? IGTV is uploaded footage, which gives users the opportunity to edit and fine-tune their video.


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You’ll also need to claim your Instagram Business account to link it to your Facebook page. For this reason, tailor your content to each platform. Instagram users are active at all times of the day. However, there are a handful of optimal times to post on Instagram. For peak engagement, the best times to post on Instagram across industries are 1 p.m, and 5 p.m.

They also offer a wide range of topics to write about, starting from tech and business to relationships to health and travel. Marketingprofs lend their services to large companies with marketing tools and B2B content. With one billion monthly active users, there’s no denying Instagram’s power and reach.

And we won’t accept sponsored posts or any other form of compensation for posting on We won’t accept articles made by a third-party to promote another business. We want to keep Engaio Digital an enjoyable and a learning experience for our readers; therefore, we accept articles that match that description. We reserve the final right to accept or reject any submissions. Due to the number of posts we receive, it could take up to two weeks before you get a response concerning your submitted post.

Once we publish your article, we will share it on all of our social channels, and we encourage you to share it on your social channels as well. Engaio Digital is a media and advertising company. We reserve the right to change our Article Publishing Policy. For the most updated version of Policy, please refer to this page ( before any application attempt. When referring to people and companies, always tell why they are relevant to the topic at hand. An article has to educate, guide, inform, and go through a topic with in-depth knowledge.

This name is what’s displayed on your profile; it isn’t your account username . The best way to keep your followers engaged is to keep your Instagram profile up-to-date. Below, we’ll dive into how to build and maintain a successful Instagram profile. While auditing your competitors’ content, take note of any opportunities they might’ve missed. Adding unique content into the mix will help your business to stand out from the rest.

No matter your goal, it’s important to monitor and optimize your Instagram ads to make the most of your budget. This is different for every business and industry. It also applies to other goals like increased website clicks and sales. If you select the Traffic option, you’ll be prompted to select a destination for your traffic. Facebook lets you pick between a website and an application. Once you’ve selected your objective, you’ll be prompted to name your ad set.

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