‎the Influence Continuum With Dr Steven Hassan On Apple Podcasts

I talked to some shoppers, some associates, some simply random connections. Hey, if the world where your podcast nade a lot of sense not exists and certain won’t exist again for the foreseeable future, then you need to adapt to the new world. That could mean throwing away your present playbook and starting over in your very next episode.

Regardless, they may be a good entry point into the world of visible storytelling. Please join me in a profound but disturbingly sincere conversation with one of many world’s true experts in Artificial Intelligence. His distinguished career includes being the previous Deputy Chief Technology Officer and Senior Information Scientist on the Rand Corporation. He agrees that the human thoughts is easily manipulated, supplied an individual doesn’t understand how social psychology ideas and propaganda techniques are getting used on them. There is not any freedom without accountability. Virtual Reality expertise is ready to get hold of vast amounts of information about a user’s mind that can be utilized to manipulate and control them.

Just go on producing what you are producing. People need a sense of normalcy of their lives. I thought that all the way in which up until last week. I’m starting out with good news this morning.

On average, they listen to about thirteen podcasts per weekand are generally “podcast loyalists”–subscribing rather than downloading particular person episodes. Consistently create and deliver priceless content material listeners can rely on from each your programming and your visitors . Check the Last profitable fetch time to see when Google was final in a place to entry your RSS feed. Note that this doesn’t imply that Google was able to read and perceive the feed, solely that it accessed the feed. It’s likely that you’ve got an issue with combined content, the place your host page or feed is on HTTP but the episode audio file is on HTTPS .

And if solo shows lack engagement, then scripted exhibits really do. It could be so frustrating when you make something actually nice or actually helpful, and different people simply don’t seem to need it. Or perhaps the content is sweet, but they simply don’t enjoy the presentation. Occasional updates about new webinars, courses, and other things we create to make your podcasting life easier. Don’t stick at it as a end result of different folks have a podcast so you need to too.

According to some studies carried out by Vox nest and the pod, the monitor podcast consumption does not seem to be taking place Q. The happiness look, some exhibits, as we talked about yesterday, are noticing a drop, and in case you are a type of reveals that is experiencing a drop, my put, my apologies, my condolences. As I said at the beginning, this is impacting all of our lives. Coaching calls can be good, when you ensure you tie your recommendations again to the audience. Personal experiences are nice to speak about as lengthy as you point out the lessons that your listeners ought to be taught.

His new guide helps pull again the curtain on many elements of this infamous authoritarian cult. He starred with Leah Remini on Scientology and the Aftermath, and now their podcast Fair Game. In this particular interview, I cowl some important particulars that folks will wish to know.

Instead, the data indicate the combination of shows folks select to take heed to — a listening behavior — is changing. If you really do have enough content for a day by day podcast, then your content is probably masking a reasonably drivers game algorithm to broad range of topics. Create multiple podcasts and provides each one a different focus and a slightly completely different segmentation. You can even mess around with episode size between your podcasts. Maybe one podcast has a 20-minute format while another is a 60-minute format.

For example, he answers my specific questions that help join the dots with the legal activity and thoughts control that Hubbard enshrined into cult doctrine. In this age of mass radicalization, understanding Scientology cult thoughts control presents a window to understand how clever and educated individuals can fall prey to malignant narcissists. It also proves that folks can exit and become contributing members of society. If an episode was previously current in the present however is now not served, remember that Podcasts Manager retains data for less than sixteen months. Episodes which are not served will not be shown within the report 16 months after the last recorded listening knowledge. Confirm that Google has seen your updates.

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