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References to previous research and writing should be in support of and woven into the writer’s unique arguments or insights. We look for articles that make a unique contribution and generally do not publish literature reviews unless they have a new and specific application or insight. The Learning Professionaloffers no payment for articles. The Learning Professionalis not peer- or blind-reviewed. Decisions regarding publication are made by the editor and staff. We reserve the right to reject poor quality or untimely material, whether solicited or otherwise, at any time during the editing process.


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ElearningInside News brings vetted, well-sourced and investigated news stories to the e-Learning community. We aspire to produce relevant, timely and insightful news stories, profiles and solutions to help educate our readers. The Learning Professionaleditor and other staff review each submission to determine its appropriateness forThe Learning Professional. Manuscripts are either accepted as submitted, returned for revisions, or rejected. Our new Standards for Professional Learning book offers educators the latest knowledge and insights to design, implement, and sustain high-quality professional learning.

AResearchGuide always welcomes new writers who just need somewhere to begin, as well as experienced authors who want to write for us, add their personalities to the group and offer advice. Include a short bio with an image and link to your blog/social media. If you have a story idea you’d prefer to pitch to us before you start the writing process, please get in touch with a basic outline of what you’re proposing and we’ll reply as soon as possible with feedback.

If you write more than 6 articles a year with us, we will provide you with a dedicated author profile page where all your articles are listed. We do not publish articles on topics that we have previously covered. Fill out the form to submit at least 3-4 topic ideas for our content editor to consider.

Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use images and/or any other material from outside sources before uploading your submission. You will be required to send high-resolution images separately as .jpg, .tif, or .gif files once the submission has been accepted. We do not offer guest post accounts, link backs, or dedicated bylines. Advertorials or PR disguised as an editorial are out of scope and are not considered for publication. Articles in the form of case studies, how-to guides, instructional pieces, or submissions focusing on translating research into practice that highlight practical implications and can be applied to elearning settings. Is run under the auspices of the Association for Computing Machinery, the premier society in the computing sciences.

Ezyschooling is now inviting academicians, bloggers, writers and everyone interested in writing and publishing content on our platform related to our niche. To accommodate such a varied community, we will cover most educational topics, though we particularly enjoy articles around educational-technology, emerging trends and those which provide actionable advice. We are a tutoring & learning platform for K-12 students. With a network of the best tutors who provide in-person or online lessons & programs, we help each student achieve their learning goals. Our tutors are verified experts in the subjects they teach, with years of experience behind them.

Be careful when referring to dates or events in the future, as there could be elapsed time between submission and publishing. Writers are responsible for obtaining written permission for publication from the subjects of the photographs. During this process, the editor is likely to contact you to clarify certain points. Because we strive for high-quality writing, your article is likely to undergo substantial editing, including some rewriting and reorganizing. Remember that this is a normal part of the editing process for any publication with high standards. Don’t be startled or upset that an editor is changing your article.

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