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And one day, when she was older and a mom of three young boys, she came to realize that she was still “pedaling” away from her stress and using sugar as comfort, instead of turning to Jesus. She was joyless, worn out, tired, and in need of a change. In this interview, Wendy will challenge Christians to take 40 days to focus on fasting from something they turn to instead of Jesus for comfort. She invited people to break free from a dependence on sugar and taste the goodness of God. Mothers of boys have the special calling to shape future men of God. Popular speaker Rhonda Stoppe, mom to two sons, knows this opportunity is a challenge, a joy, and probably the most important work of a woman’s life.

Select subjects that are likely to be discussed and start sharing them on social media handlers to create more traffic to your website. Family blogs also provides content to share and discuss on your social media channels. By submitting content for ParenthoodIQ.com, you give us permission to use it for any of our parent company’s social media channels, websites, print products and newsletters. Ensure that your content adheres to our key themes of family, art and craft, travel, shopping, entertainment, lifestyle, and fitness. You are welcome to join us and assist us in providing fresh content to our viewers. Pick a topic that fascinates you and write the best post you can.

A marriage and parenting conference speaker, he and his wife, Jenny, have two children and live in Fort Smith, Arkansas. To be an effective parent, you must be a leader in your child’s life, guiding with a gentle hand and setting a solid example. Dr. Randy Schroeder provides the insight you need to be a leader-parent.

Teaching couples how to stay close and keep the intimate spark alive after having children. Dealing with pregnancy as a newly married couple and raising children. Above are some ideas on the topic you can cover. If you are unsure if your topic is appropriate. Feel free to contact us with your pitch that includes your H1 title, topic, and keywords; we will help point you in the right direction. Fertility2Family is family owned and operated and has helped hundreds of thousands of couples get pregnant.

We are looking forward to receiving guest post submissions on topics related to the family. Posts that can help our readers to cope up with challenges that they face in balancing their work and family time. Below you can find two samples of invitation letter for US visa. The sponsor must address a letter to the consular officer and another one to the US visa applicant. They can write this letter to invite parents, relatives, friends, and any other guest. Our goal is to have a guest writer from every state and country.

Inspire readers with ideas for having the healthiest family life in the world and dealing with ageing parents. We like writing that is friendly, accessible and backed by well-researched information that is fresh and empowering to busy parents and families. Articles must have unique and original content and be non-duplicative.

I have tried warning people on TikTok, but the video is under review so the comments are temporarily disabled. While the old comments stay where everyone says it works… It misleading and fake. As a newlywed couple, interacting with pregnancy and bringing up children. This email address is being protected from spambots. Submissions should be original content that hasn’t been published elsewhere.

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