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Looking at examples of a film review is a great way to learn how to write one. This way you can examine the nuances that each writer brings, as well as the common traits which appear in many movie reviews. When first learning how to write a film review it can be quite daunting, so it is best to jump right in and start reading as many as you can. You will soon learn that film criticism is a fun and rewarding experience that enhances cinema. Metro Magazine is Australia’s film and media magazine, run by the Australian Teachers of Media association.


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Those insights can be valuable to other filmmakers. Do you enjoy helping others realize their dream of making films and documentaries? Are you looking for creative ways to market your latest film or establish yourself as an expert in the filmmaking world? Peele saw the characters of the film as an “archetypal foursome,” with Adelaide being the leader, Zora being the warrior, Gabe being jester/fool and Jason being the wiz/magician. For her role, Nyong’o had to use a different voice for the character of Red.

At night, at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, she wanders away from her parents and enters a funhouse, where she encounters a doppelgänger of herself in the house of mirrors. Following the encounter she stops speaking and withdraws from her family. The project was announced in February 2018, and much of the cast joined in the following months. Peele produced the film alongside Jason Blum and Sean McKittrick , as well as Ian Cooper. Filming took place in California, mostly in Los Angeles, Pasadena and Santa Cruz, from July to October 2018.

They pay $0.05/word for articles, max $300 for features, $150 for essays and $100 for news, reports and reviews. When I last checked, it was not clear whether their funding was still able to support paying writers. To learn more, read their submission guidelines. Cineaste offers social, political and aesthetic perspective on cinema.

We are always looking for passionate writers who want to write about Cinematic Arts. There are two sections to apply for Film Fugitives. If you don’t have anything to promote, we will PAY YOU for the list. The more clicks it gets, the more we will pay you. You can ask us about the details in the application. DSLR Audio | MixPre-D Review by Larry Vaughn – What’s the best way to capture professional audio with a DSLR?

High on Films is not a website; it is a shrine, where we worship Cinema. Writing for HoF takes more than just writing skills, it takes passion. We are building an ‘army of spiritual warriors’, and you can be an integral part of this revolution. If you are someone who honestly loves cinema for its existence, we want you to join us in our sacred mission of spreading cinematic enlightenment. Music – If you choose to cover music, we accept album reviews for both soundtracks and artist EPs. We cover all genres from K-Pop and electro through to drum and bass and hip-hop.

There are many ways you can write a movie review and the structure will often depend on the outlet. For example, at UK Film Review, our writers have a basic model to work from which they can bring their own style too. Other publications may be more rigid or casual about the structure of their film reviews but pretty much everyone has what’s called a “House Style”.

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