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You can do this by contacting the site owner and negotiating with him. Once you do, you can then begin submitting your articles. If you love cooking and want to earn some quality backlinks for your site, you should consider writing for food and drinks websites. Food Guest posting is a great way to boost your blog traffic and Google rankings. All you need to do is find food-related websites that let you guest post and publish your content with a link back to your website. Once you’ve found these sites, you’ll need to contact the site owner to negotiate the submission requirements and submit your content.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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You can include one external link within the article as agreed in our terms and conditions. Send your title ideas before you send the full article. Share references and provide sources of statistics, images, and quotes used in the content.

They increase productivity and do all sorts of other good things. For my book, coffee is my favorite productivity hack. At this point, I think I’ve managed to classically condition my mind to believe that coffee and writing go together. But besides that, there are serious scientific facts about coffee increasing productivity. Make shorter sentences with a maximum of 20 words.

Through inspiring content we hope to foster a deeper compassion for the world in our readers. When you support Anew Traveller, 50% of your donation goes to UNESCO and 50% goes to helping us maintain the site. Don’t forget to tell us who you are, including any relevant industry experience or previous writing . Please send us an email with your story idea explaining why it’s exciting and how you’re going to convey it. When submitting, please let us know if your article is for the print or online magazines.

Sometimes, We will typically give your piece our own headline so that it fits Foodwalas style. We’ll also illustrate the post with our own photos . Unfortunately, since contributors are not on staff we don’t allow them to use Foodwalas credentials. Engaging and thoughtful analysis, opinion, inside scoops, Food makers story or expert advice or even something fun. Include hyperlinks when referring to other sources.

We pay $50 for a 500-word post and $75 for a 750-word post. We frequently edit new contributor pieces to expand the word count and add stats and facts. Subheadings in your article should include images. Only use images for which you own the copyright or have permission from the original owner. When describing statistics, provide a graph, chart, or table if possible.

Your URL, which you want to keep as a do-follow (We will accept 1 do-follow link only). You must submit the article in Google Docs and send us the URL with edit access. If you have any thoughts on our niche, please feel free to get in touch.

Discover a new line of products from the manufacturer “Brand X”. The company has been producing household and kitchen appliances for years. You may have already had an experience with one or another product, but you haven’t seen anything yet! A completely new range of devices is available now. Fresh food and drinks are now available for you in the online shop. Discover our brand-new products and be surprised!

Being productive while tired is almost impossible.

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