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The article should be interesting and easy to read with subheadings that will break up your content, where necessary. Electricaleasy.com has a wide audience, and your article will be exposed to a larger number of electrical engineering students. I will only upload images that I own the rights to. For images I don’t own the rights to I will clearly link to the image source underneath each image. All of the following writer types are eligible but we have varying requirements for each.

Besides, becoming our contributor can benefit you in many ways. Plus, this can be a great chance for you to enhance your writing skills, and get some tips on how to write an attention-grabbing article. We only publish quality content that provides useful information to our readers. Therefore, before submitting your article to us, make sure that it adheres to this very requirement. We always welcome exceptional writers who are eager to share their passion, experiences and creative tips for gardening.


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These are among the topics that our team chooses for our websites, but you are invited to suggest your own blog ideas. We strongly suggest everyone go over the entries for ideas as well. Every essay should be devoted to a particular subject. For instance, if a post on orchids is written, it should just mention orchids. High-definition photographs typically capture the attention of readers and have a significant impact on them.

If you can write about your current work or about the process of researching then we’ll be delighted. If this is research in progress then we’ll be happy to be vague about what you’re actually finding. You must also post a link to the article on The Herbal Resource on social media and your own site/blog . Garden Culture is a magazine and blog by growers for growers. With consistently fresh and current content online, we have a large readership, and our magazine distributes in eight countries on three continents. We receive many inquiries every day, so make your article idea stand out while adhering to the above guidelines.

Use a tool like Hemingway App if you’re not a professional writer (most of us aren’t). You are not allowed to add links that have an adverse effect on our website or infringe on Google’s privacies and terms. We retain the right to edit the article content before publishing. Use headings and subheadings to make the content of your article easy to read. Please submit all posts in Word or Google Docs format. Immediately improve your landscape layering skills.

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