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We usually run several pieces in this section per quarter. Often, these are related to the issue’s theme, but we also assign stories on unique artisans, craftsmanship events, and other topics. Please send your submission idea to before you actually start writing it. Please don’t send complete projects before getting approval from us. If you already have a finished project, then make sure you send a picture of the finished project so that we can see what it will look like. Thanks for devoting your time to read all our guidelines and pitch for guest posting.

Overall, Mailchimp’s About Us is real, honest, and shows how it stands by its mission to support small businesses in real life and online. Mailchimp’s About Us page expresses the brand’s commitment to small businesses and community. It kicks off with an overview of the founders’ story, showcasing their 20 years of experience in web design and email. The essence of a brand can be found in the feelings and meaning its name evokes. So another good place to start your story is with why your business bears a certain name.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We are always looking for new, fresh perspectives on all things related to home improvement. Whether it’s tips and tricks for tackling a DIY project, or insights into the latest trends in home design, we’re interested in what you have to say. Please supply specific sample titles or topics for the posts you’re most interested in writing. Demographically, our readers are well-educated and well-read, with most falling into the 55+ age group.

Depending on the assignment, photography may be negotiated separately . If you think you got what it takes, please send links to an example article that you’ve published on other sites for us to review. We publish articles of anywhere between 1000–2,500 words, depending on subject complexity.

You remain the author/copyright holder for the project and can send the link to your project to the rest of the world. Project submissions must not have been published anywhere before and must be your own ideas. Please beAs Detailed As Possiblewhile filling out this form.We asked that you write in paragraph formso that we get a feel for your grammar. There’s no need to be an English major, but we’ll need to see that you’re proficient. Thank you for your interest in working with the HouseILove.com team and we look forward to reviewing your submission.

Write about topics that you have direct experience with – please don’t submit a post on how to set up an aquaculture tank if you’ve never actually done it. Links to strong examples of the contributor’s published writing, ideally of a scope and style that is similar to the proposed article. Before you read on, please note that our feature articles generally steer clear of stories about fine art, and the artists behind it. While any works of craftsmanship should be, and often are, aesthetically beautiful, they are primarily made as items to be used; this is the world we generally live in and investigate.

You can treat your business as one important chapter in a much larger series of stories, starting at the beginning and ending where your ideal reader is introduced as a character. 40 Colori is a great model for About Us pages for small businesses. It provides a nice company overview, including a How We Work to give site visitors an inside look at operations.

For your information, we also offer review services that will review your website and give a linked credit. Roohome.com – is the best leading home design website. Here is a great place to implement everything you know where you can write for us about home design, home improvement, DIY & crafts, interior & exterior design, gardening. However, we have some terms that you have to follow it or we will ignore your application. You can find the best architecture blogs like us effortlessly. We cover a wide range of topics, but we care about what we do so we choose quilty over quantity every time.

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