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How do you write a good About Us section and convince potential clients that you are a good fit for them? According to MRO Supply, 24% of all businesses use outsourced cleaning services, with an estimated $48 billion annual revenue from janitorial services of different types. Whether you are a small-scale cleaning business or offer extensive outsourcing support for mid-sized and large companies, your website has to make an impression. That’s why every good cleaning service proposal has social proof sprinkled throughout. Social proof is the use of people’s opinions or actions to influence behaviour.

Usually, bloggers write on relevant topics within their industry to attract traffic to their website. According to experienced SEO experts, guest posting always pays off and is the best way to earn high-quality links. Being referred or featured on reputed websites will go a long way toward helping you rank high in search engines. If you keep posting on high authority websites, chances are that you will notice an improvement in your search engine rankings.

That is why you should include several contact channels in your About Us page. The end goal of virtually every part of your website is to convince visitors to book with you. If they’ve read all the way to the bottom of your About Us page, go ahead and ask for their business. Invite them to book with you online or contact you for a quote. You never know, they just might book a cleaning job and become a long-term customer.

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