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Be prepared to respond to comments in a timely manner to interact with our readers over the next few days. Post must be original, high-quality and written in unique way in reference to given subjects above. If you agree to our guidelines, you can submit your request to us via email , and we will contact you shortly. Content should be greater than 1200 words of text for Do-follow link, below 1200 words you will get No-follow link.

It is important that you select a topic that is related to some of the categories that we manage in our blogs. In this way, your article will be taken into account to be published in the corresponding category. Reading technology articles will also help you use technical terms the right way, so you don’t sound like a tech novice. For example, the cloud can be singular or plural, but the trick is knowing how to use each one. ‘The cloud’ is the generic collective of all cloud services, while an organisation can use multiple clouds. On the other hand, a company uses a ‘cloud service’ or a ‘cloud provider’, not ‘a cloud’.


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Having a good relationship with other business leaders, experts and influencers is another benefit. And this kind of relationship builds when you communicate and discuss ideas with each other. Pick the subject or topic which is trending and which matches the niches we publish. Content should be plagiarism-free, spell-checked, and make sense. Just because the content is compelling doesn’t mean you have to use heavy words that are hard to spell and pronounce.

Structuring your piece the right way is vital to create a convincing argument or help readers comprehend complex topics. At Editor Group, we are big fans of Barbara Minto’s The Pyramid Principle. The aim is to ensure you have clearly defined sections and to build your arguments in layers, so the piece has a logical flow. An analogy can help readers understand a complex concept, while examples are a great way to explain a term succinctly and subtly – such as “channels” in the following case.

Those who genuinely want to enhance their brand’s reach can write for us. Once you’ve come up with a topic, please fill out this form. Remote meetings have become an essential part of our daily activities. If you have wondered how to host more remote-friendly meetings, this article is for you.

The above rewrite doesn’t necessarily answer all the questions readers may have, but it does at least clarify who is doing what. Splitting the sentence in two also makes it easier to comprehend. Here are some techniques to make your copy easy to read without dumbing it down.

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